Mastering Async/Await

Become your team's expert on escaping callback hell.

Imagine writing your entire Express API or React app with for loops and if statements. No more deeply nested callbacks or convoluted promise chains. With async/await, you can make that dream a reality.

Mastering Async/Await provides a concise and comprehensive guide to async/await fundamentals. You'll learn:

Mastering Async/Await packs all this and more into 52 terse pages. That means you can get caught up on modern asynchronous JavaScript in hours, not days. Stop copy/pasting snippets from StackOverflow and become the expert your team goes to for all things async.

About the Author

Valeri Karpov is the lead maintainer of Mongoose. He's a core contributor to Mocha, Agenda, and other npm modules with over 10M combined monthly downloads. He's the author of The 80/20 Guide to ES2015 Generators and Professional AngularJS. His blog is the top result on Google for "async await design patterns".

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