Mastering Async/Await

Learn how async/await works and how it fits in the JavaScript ecosystem.

Async/await is the most important new feature in the 2017 JavaScript language specification. Async/await lets you write asynchronous, non-blocking code without callbacks. Imagine writing your entire Express API or React app without nested callbacks or convoluted promise chains. With async/await, that dream is now a reality.

Mastering Async/Await provides a concise and comprehensive guide to async/await fundamentals from micro to macro. You'll learn how to implement a Promises/A+ compliant promise library from scratch (micro) and see how await operates on the custom promise library (macro). You'll also learn about using async/await with the frameworks you use every day, like Express and React. This book is designed to avoid wasteful fluff and is only 52 pages, so you can master async/await in hours, not days.

About the Author

Valeri Karpov is the lead maintainer of Mongoose and the Lead Backend Engineer for Booster Fuels. He's a core contributor to Mocha, Agenda, and other npm modules with over 10M combined monthly downloads. He's the author of The 80/20 Guide to ES2015 Generators and Professional AngularJS. His blog is the top result on Google for "async await design patterns".



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